Getting Started

Getting your API Key

You can get an API key from the user settings page in your Ad Reform account.

Anyone with this API Key can use the Ad Reform API as if they were you. If it is compromised, you can create a new key and delete the old one from your settings page.

Sending your first API call

You must set the following request headers when making API calls:

Content-Type: "application/json"
Authorization: "Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"

You will also need your organization’s slug, which will be passed along within request URLs.

You can find this in your browser’s URL bar when using the web UI:

How it works

The Ad Reform API consists of two parts: a REST API to process requests, and outgoing webhooks to send out results.

For more on the API, go to the API Reference:

For more on webhook events, go to the Webhooks Reference:

Questions or feedback?

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